Sunday, December 20, 2009

Halloween carnivals and TRICK OR TREATING 2009

Every year we get the opportunity to fill our Halloween weekend with lots of carnivals and sugar. The kids attend carnivals and then walk house to house to fill up their buckets. Each carnival offers something unique and fun.

We first stop at my school carnival. I get to see our students doing good things for the kids of our community. Then we get to go to the church carnivals. We make a stop at our church carnival which is all outdoors and FUN. There were bounce houses, train rides and best of all a stage with music.

Trick or treating was fun and we go to go with the Jones family. Jamyson made sure that baby Kate got her candy each time.

When we were done we went back home and handed out candy ourselves. Jamyson loves to see people and talk with them. When we ran out of candy he decided to get it out of his own bucket so we could stay out longer. Was this a trick to stall bedtime or a chance to meet more people? I am not sure but we had a blast!! Next year we may just sit outside and hand out the candy instead.

September 2009 The State Fair of Texas

I have realized that the things I tire of now that I am older are only brought to life again throught the eyes of a child, or children. The things that seem so old or just not as exciting, have a whole new meaning and they are revitalized in my mind again.

I loved watching our six kiddos all walk the streets of the fair. In my mind I am thinking of all the germs, H1N1 virus scares, the greasy junk being made, and the stickiness factor of my shoes to the ground. the mind of children they hear the music of the Mexican dancers in their pretty dresses. They see the GRANDE ferris wheel and want to touch the clouds. They see
Big Tex and wonder where he gets his clothes. They see the midway and want to ride every fun ride available. We had a great time!!!!!!

I have a list of things I need to blog in order to catch up! I will start with the bike riding.
Two weeks after Jamyson turned 4 he kept asking again to take off his training wheels. Knowing his father would say "no," I sent the little guy to talk with him. They both came outside with a wrench in hand. I decided it was time for me to grab my camera.
An amazing thing happened. When Jamie lined him up and told him to stay on the sidewalk, he just went! Jamie and I stood in amazement looking at one another. We then realized that he did not know how to stop! Jamie took off running after him. From that moment on we have been rolling. Dad is super safety conscious so he followed behind him for a while but when all the neighbors came out Jamyson really got to show off.

He knew he was ready. He knew he could do it. I on the other hand wanted him to be a little older. Our little guy is growing up so fast.

I am glad this was a good experience. I know it could have been tramatic and painful. Thank goodness it wasn't.